Two Things I Learned About Relationship From Seminars and Books

Things I Learned About Relationship
As you probably guess, I have been to many seminars and read quite a few books on the topic of relationship. Like many of you, I didn't get to learn about relationship and what it takes to create a lasting and successful intimate relationship from school. In my opinion, our education teaches us a lot of useful things, but they somehow forget to teach us the most important area of our lives - our relationship. Guess what? The quality of our life and the level of happiness in our life depend on...

Why Should You Have Results Coaching For Your Business and Life

results coaching
What would you do if you want lasting change for your life? How do you create lasting results? The answer is to commit to mastery. Most people just dabble around the things they want to change. They don't really go after it as if their life depends on it. You need to have consistency to produce lasting results. You also need to be able to measure the progress you are making. You cannot manage something that you can't measure. The process of creating lasting change feels incredible once you...