Hello and welcome to my professional website

I am a career journalist, at ease developing long-form pieces, strategic marketing copy and editorial of all lengths in between. Partly by accident I've developed a specialty on K-12 and higher education. Under that umbrella, I often write about how digital media is used for teaching and learning. In past lives, I covered criminal law and general news.

Read on to learn more about my work, and please do contact me for more samples or to discuss assignments and fee schedules. 


 K-12 Education Reportage

My long-form journalism appears regularly in the pages of Scholastic Instructor and Educator magazines, bringing best practices to practitioners through stories from the field. As Common Core's online assessments loom, the Summer 2014 issue of Scholastic Administrator Magazine offers insights into how administrators can work with "tech-shy" teachers.

• Higher Ed

I've spent years interviewing university professors about their research to develop vivid, compelling stories for a range of audiences. This story for U.C. Office of the President highlights a new patient care model for people with HIV that reduces hospital readmission rates.  

Digital Media

The extraordinary digital media curatorial site Open Culture showcases the best cultural and learning resources available on the Web. I write regularly about new educational tools: archives, films and MOOC resources where adults can continue learning.

This new site allows users to track and report illegal deforestation using trillions of images of Earth taken from outer space.