Hello and welcome to my professional website

I am a career journalist, at ease developing long-form pieces, strategic marketing copy and editorial of all lengths in between. Partly by accident I've developed a specialty on K-12 and higher education. Under that umbrella, I often write about how digital media is used for teaching and learning. In past lives, I covered criminal law and general news.

Elsewhere on this page are examples of my recent work. You'll find pieces I produced for the extradorinary Web curatorial site Open Culture, where I write as a regular blogger. I also write for Senior Planet, the digital magazine companion of New York City-based Senior Planet Exploration Center. My long-form journalism appears regularly in the pages of Scholastic Instructor and Educator magazines, bringing best practices to practitioners through stories from the field. For example, this story for Scholastic Administrator anticipates upcoming trends in educational technology.

I've spent many years interviewing university professors about research, in order to promote their work to general audiences.  Here I highlight the work of UC Berkeley linguist Claire Kramsch who studies the psychologial experience of learning a new language. There's more work along these lines below.

I hope you'll read on and learn more about my work. Contact me for more samples or to discuss assignments and fee schedules. 


Open Culture

Google Streetview takes you on a panoramic tour of the Grand Canyon

Bitcoin, explained.

How the vexing Longitude Problem was solved.

The day when Bugs Bunny saved Mel Blanc's life. 

William Shatner put in a long distance call to the International Space Station.

Codeacademy's free computer science courses.

A trove of 400 free online job training courses.

Paper craft animation tells the stories of words.

Thelonious Monk's tips for playing gigs.

Scholastic Magazines

What can the U.S. learn from overseas schools? From Shanghai to Italy, educators are succeeding by breaking the rules.

As the debate over Common Core heats up and states drop out of testing consortia, the question comes up: How "common" does Common Core have to be to work?

Tablets and other mobile devices in the classroom? Old news. Here are the educational technologies that are just around the corner.

But if you're getting your district ready for tablets, read this first.

It's the million dollar question: What's the fairest way to evaluate teachers? Read about how some districts are balancing test scores and qualitative review processes to please just about everyone.

Some districts are actually hiring economists to calculate just how much their districts benefit the community economically. Find out how these superintendents used Return on Investment reports to their advantage.

Just how much value does a credentialed teacher-librarian bring to a school? The benefits go far beyond protecting the collection from grubby hands and shushing chatty children.

School districts across the country are opting to build their own custom, curriculum-based textbooks. 

Public school teachers can learn from their colleagues in successful charter schools.

More About Education

Online learning opportunities for older adults. Also for Senior Planet, here's a story about an intriguing  online photo gallery that mixes the past and the present.

At Mills College in Oakland, faculty engage students in cutting-edge research that give students hands-on experience outside the classroom.

Engineers at UC Berkeley developed a new diagnostic tool that uses MRI technology to check the condition of pipes that carry explosive materials. 

The best online resources to keep current on space research.

Entrepreneurial engineering students want to help their peers in developing countries produce inexpensive lab equipment.

UC Berkeley biogeochemist Jillian Banfield reconstructs microbial DNA on site under extreme conditions.

Scientists at UC Berkeley are turning up startling research about the function of sleep.